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The Los Alamitos High School Jazz Booster Club is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide financial and volunteer support for the Jazz Band music program. We assist in a variety of ways so the director has the resources necessary to develop a supreme educational experience and a rewarding music program. All parents or legal guardians of students enrolled in one or more of the LAHS Jazz Bands are members of the Jazz Booster Club.   <h2>PRESIDEN<em>T - </em></h2> <p class="">LosAlJazzBoosters@gmail.com</p> <h2>VP<em> - </em></h2> <p class="">LosAlJazzVP@gmail.com</p> <h2>SECRETAR<em>Y - </em></h2> <p class="">LosAlJazzSec@gmail.com</p> <h2>TREASURER<em> - </em></h2> <p class="">LosAlJazzTreas@gmail.com</p> <h2>DIRECTOR OF FUNDRAISING<em> - </em></h2> <p class="">LosAlJazzFund@gmail.com</p>


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