The governance of Rossmoor is confusing, because parts of it are incorporated and parts are not (the Shopping Center and adjacent condo areas were annexed by Seal Beach in 1966 and 1967); we share a zip code with Los Alamitos but we are not part of that city; as for policing, traffic control is handled by the California Highway Patrol, but all other matters are handled by the OC Sheriffs Department.  Ultimately, most of Rossmoor’s governance is controlled by the County of Orange, but a few very limited powers fall under the oversight of the Rossmoor Community Services District, which is not to be confused with the  Rossmoor Homeowners Association which is not technically an official HOA as described by state law but it has historically been a very influential player in local matters.   The RCSD was formed in late 1986 to facilitate the purchase of Rush Park and replaced the Rossmoor County Service Area #21 which helped with the purchase of Rossmoor Park.  Now that we’ve totally confused you, here are some links and numbers to remember.

Rossmoor Community Services District (RCSD)


Rossmoor Homeowners Association (RHA)



FIRE (Orange County Fire Authority)

Orange County Public Library




Orange County Flood Control

Orange County Street Lights



Rossmoor Community Services District

The RCSD is a special district set up by the County Of Orange in 1988 with oversight powers for the following community services: Public Recreation facilities & services (parks and programs),  parkway trees, street sweeping (kind of),  street lighting, Median landscaping (Rossmoor Way) and since the late 1990s, maintenance of the Rossmoor brick wall.  The RCSD is governed by a five-member Board of Directors, who are elected by the residents of Rossmoor.  The policies of the directors are carried out by an appointed General Manager and staff.

RCSD Board of Directors

  • Jeffrey Rips
  • Mark Nitikman
  • Jeff Barke
  • Tony DeMarco
  • Nathan Searles

District Staff

  • General Manager (Joe Mendoza)



Park area reservations

tennis court reservations

Rossmoor Homeowners Association

One of the most influential groups in Rossmoor is the Rossmoor Homeowners Association, whose roots go back to late 1957.  The Rossmoor Homeowners Association is not an HOA as defined by current state law (it doesn’t manage or actually control anything), but it was the first organized group of Homeowners in Rossmoor and over the years has exercised much effective leadership and established a strong reputation and continues to maintain considerable influence with other local agencies.

RHA current Board of Directors are:

  • Art Remnet
  • Marianne Last
  • Jo Shade
  • Mark Vartebedian
  • Maryam

Orange County

Although county officials have found it beneficial to leave many decisions to Rossmoor residents and their representatives, the ultimate government power in this area is the County of Orange and as of 2022, our area now falls under the auspices of 1st District Supervisor Andrew Do.    here are County links.


POLICE – OC Sheriffs




WATER:  Golden State Water





How do I…?





Rossmoor per se is a community developed by Ross Cortese from 1955 through 1961.  By mid-1955 local papers were reporting “rumors were hot on a big new subdivision west of Los Alamitos Boulevard.”  The initial purchase was the acquisition of the land comprising the middle third – between Orangewood (if it continued straight) and the flood control channel between Kempton and Mainway.  Options were already in play for the land to the north and the land to the south.  Although nothing official was announced, The Los Alamitos school district, which had an enrollment of around 650, submitted paperwork to the state in early May 1956 that they expected to have an increase of over 3,000 new students within the next two years.  Finallly in late May maps and drawings were formally submitted to the Orange County Planning Commission.  These were approved three weeks later we plansDiscussions were The area’s original subdivision and plans originally also included adjacent property now within the boundaries of Los Alamitos (Rossmoor Highlands and the City Hall area west of Oak) and Seal Beach (the Shops at Rossmoor, and the adjacent Condominiums), but now the Rossmoor community is generally considered that area west of Los Alamitos/Seal Beach Boulevard running from Katella Avenue on the north to the Rossmoor brick wall on the south.  The Shops at Rossmoor and most of the adjacent condos are within the boundaries of Seal Beach, and the remaining unincorporated property is governed by the County of Orange. But in 1988, the county approved the formation of The Rossmoor Community Services District (RCSD) to aid with the purchase of Rush Park.  The county granted the new district control and oversight in very specific areas:  Public Recreation facilities & services, parkway trees, street sweeping, street lighting, and median landscaping .  All other powers — police, roads/public works, building and development, animal control, etc. — are still under the control of the county of Orange and the County Supervisor (currently Andrew Do) is in effect, the de facto legal Mayor of Rossmoor.



Approximately 10,500 residents living in approximately 3,650 homes reside in Rossmoor.  The Rossmoor area is known for its fine homes, urban forest and tree-lined streets, its signature brick wall and most of all relaxed suburban lifestyle, and a very involved, and very pro-active population.

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