City of Los Alamitos





The governance of Rossmoor gets a little complicated

  • RCSD Board
    • RCSD General Manager
  • Policing
  • Recreation
  • Rossmoor Homeowners Association
  • Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do
    • Orange County Community development / Public Works
    • Report a Problem

Seal Beach

  • City Council
  • City Hall / Office and Staff
  • Seal Beach Police
  • Recreation and Community Development
  • Public Works
  • Seal Beach Lifeguards
  • Report a problem

Orange County Fire Authority

OC Libraries

OC Flood Control


Los Alamitos School District

Field Rental


Los Alamitos High School

McAuliffe Middle School

Oak Middle School

Hopkinson Elementary

Lee Elementary

Los Alamitos Elementary

McGaugh Elementary

Rossmoor Elementary

Weaver Elementary

St. Hedwig School


As noted before the original plans for Rossmoor included adjacent parts of Los Alamitos and Seal Beach.  Thus when Rosmoor’s plans were first presented, the drawings called for eight schools.

Rossmoor, Weaver, Lee, Rush, Hopkinson.  Two additional elementary sites were never constructed, The original plans called for a middle school to be constructed at the southeast corner of Orangewood and Los Alamitos Blvd, but state laws prevented a public school site so close to the airbase.  where as was  One sight was named but never became a school — and eventually was sold to the community as Rossmoor Park.  At the end of the 79-1980 school year, the Rush Park site schIn 1979 Wilson



Orange County

Supervisor Andrew Do (1st District)

Orange County Sheriff

Rossmoor Homeowners Association


Orange County Public Library